Date: 1/05/2012 15:47:12
From: Peak Warming Man
ID: 151691
Subject: Sam and Ralph

Cut to a scene, somewhere in England, Sam and Ralph getting on a train.

Sam-: Morning Ralph.
Ralph-: Morning Sam.
Sam-: I see it’s going to be hot and dry again today Ralph.
Ralph-: Aye Sam, that it is.
Sam-: It seems to be always forcast to be hot and dry these days Ralph.
Ralph-: Aye Sam, that it is.
Sam-: I remember when we’d get up and put the kettle on and open the paper and sometimes it would say cold and wet.
Ralph-: Aye Sam, that it did, can’t rightly remember last time I saw a forcast like that, and sometimes they’d say Snow.
Sam-: Snow aye, I remember when they’d say that on news the night before, that used to get the heart racing.
Ralph-: They cant say cold or wet or snow these days, cost them their job if they said that, hot and dry is all.
Sam-: Here’s our station Ralph, better button up your coat it looks Arctic out there.
Ralph-: Aye, don’t forget your brolly Sam.

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